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Return Procedure


Before returning any sensor, please contact Proza to obtain a Returned Material Authorization number (RMA).
Be ready to provide the following information in written when requesting a RMA:
Telephone, Fax, Email
Order Number 
Sensor Model Number
Sensor Serial Number
Installation Date
Failure Date
Sensor History/Application Details
Fault Description & Related Testing Results
Proza will attempt to solve the problem after receipt of above information from user, but in the event that unit(s) or product(s) must be returned for evaluation and possible repair or replacement, instructions and RMA will be given for return of shipment to Proza. 
Identification and Protection
If the sensor is to be shipped to Proza for service or repair, please attach a tag TO THE SENSOR, as well as the shipping container(s), identifying the owner. Also indicate the service or repair required, the problems encountered, and other information considered valuable to the service facility such as the list of information provided to request the RMA number.
Place the sensor in the original shipping container(s), making sure there is adequate packing around all sides of the sensor. If the original shipping containers were discarded, use proper boxes with adequate padding and protection.
Sealing the Container
Seal the shipping container(s) with heavy tape strong enough to handle the weight of the sensor and the container.
Please write the words, FRAGILE, DELICATE INSTRUMENT in several places on the outside of the shipping container(s). In all correspondence, please refer to the sensor by the model number, the serial number, and the RMA number.
Return Address
Use the following address for all returned products:


QiHangJiaYuanPlaza, Block A, 12# Building, Room 704,

FengDong New Town, Xi'an 710086, China.  

Tel.: +86.29.8911 7729

Fax: +86.29.8911 7729 

Attn: RMA Number (XXXXXX)