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Differential Pressure Transmitter

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  • PZP400 Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Pressure range : 0~0.075bar, … , 0~68.8bar ; Types: differential pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure;Accuracy up to 0.1%fs, rangeability 100:1; Output signal: 4~20 mA, with HART protocol ; self-diagnostic capability; Zero and span adjustment without mutual influence
  • PZP410 Silicon Piezoresistive Differential Pressure Transmitter
    For differential pressure measurement; Pressure range : 0~0.1bar, 0~0.35bar, … , 0~20bar;Static pressure : 500%fs or max 70bar; Accuracy up to 0.25%fs;Output signal: 4~20mA, 0~10/20mA, 0/1~5/10Vdc; Material: 316L for pressure diagram,1Cr18Ni9Ti for housing